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Cloud Cost Management

Visit Splunkbase to download our multi-cloud cost management app. Our app gives you insights into where savings could be found within your cross-cloud infrastructure without reducing performance.

Interested in further reading? Download our ebook for Splunk cloud Migration. which discusses migrating to Splunk Cloud and other Cloud providers as well as cloud cost management.

Regardless of where you are with Splunk, we cover all angles. Splunk Cloud need not be intimidating and we can offer flexible packages to help you on your journey.

Some further reading

Apto is an accredited Splunk Professional Services Partner, with certified experts in Splunk Cloud enablement, strategy, migration and implementation. As such we make it our job to keep up to date, so here are some easy references to Splunk pages if you’re still gathering information

Splunk Answers for Splunk Cloud

Splunk Blogs for Splunk Cloud

Splunk Docs for Splunk Cloud 

Splunk Consultants

As a Splunk Partner all our consultants and engineers are Splunk certified, resulting in the best Splunk expertise available.  This is a long, tough process, with frequent re-certification, so we are proud in telling everyone about it.



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