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Our key objective when creating our HR solution was to simplify the whole HR process.  The amount of time HR staff spend on administrative overhead tasks is disproportionate to the amount of time spent on real HR, no matter what size of company.  These tasks are generally simplistic and highly repetitive, such as monitoring the HR inbox, moving emails, updating the HR system, entering data into the system from paper documents etc... etc...

All of this overhead draws HR resource away from the true HR activities.  Therefore our system can instantly add benefit through the automation of these tasks.  Imagine how life could be for your HR personnel if they never had to update an Excel spreadhseet again, or store a file in the correct folder location in the shared drive with the correct name.  These are all regulare activities that are associated with modern day HR.

Our solution changes all of this.  There is no need to worry about incoming emails, data entry or manual file storage any more.  In fact we can even make use of your existing mobile device technology to enable further savings and efficiencies by eliminating entirely some of the paper processes.

Using technology in this way has some welcome side effects.  Compliance auditing is automatic as every step of the process gets logged and recorded in detail so that the full path of any correspondence is easily reproduceable.  Documentation (such as right to work documents, interview notes etc...) can be captured at source and entered directly into your systems with minimal user intervention.

The overall experience for your HR staff is one where the mundane tasks are taken out of the process leaving them more time to concentrate on the things that matter to the company most - the employees.  Our solution has been proven to enable HR staff to spend more time on compliance issues, training and development, employee relations, recruitment, sickness and holiday leave etc...

Apto specialises in making systems easier and more efficient to use – automating or removing the mundane steps, leaving users with the steps where they add value.

An example would be responding to an employee email: The email arrives at a group inbox (; one of the team reads the email and forwards it to the team they think can action it.  This may then be repeated within the next team, and so on until it is finally allocated to a member of staff.

To process the email, the first activity will normally be to manually enter the details into the standalone HR system to provide a record of the communication.  Once the ‘case’ has been opened, the member of staff is finally able to actually deal with the important enquiry.  At this stage, multiple people and multiple systems have been involved in just routing one enquiry.

Our approach is to automate the initial stages of the process.  It doesn’t matter what HR system or email provider you use, or whether you have paper documents - if people are involved then we can automate it.

In this example, we would automatically monitor the HR inbox for emails.  When an email arrives it is automatically classified based on contents you have defined for your business rules - to determine which business team can deal with the work.  The existing work load of your teams can be taken into account at this point, to choose which work queues to assign the query to.  In some cases it may be routed to a particular staff member.  In the background, we can automatically open a case or update a record in the HR system to audit the activity.

The benefits are clear:

  • HR staff spend their time dealing with HR issues rather than moving emails and storing data.
  • Incoming post and emails are routed to the correct staff members almost instantly.
  • The record of the communication is automatically logged and stored in the document management system
  • A complete, automatic audit trail of communications
  • The same business rules can be applied to all channels - paper, emails, other electronic documents etc… making system setup efficient, create the rule once, apply it to all incoming correspondence.
  • Improved Response times to enquiries - increasing capacity and bandwidth with the same staff numbers.
  • Training becomes more HR focused and less ‘systems’ focused.

This is just one example of one small area that we can help with.  Multiply those benefits by the number of HR activities – Sickness, employment terms and conditions documentation, interviews, on boarding, right to work documentation, maternity, disciplinary etc… and the overall benefit to the HR function of the business is huge.

Our client is a mid-size company with upwards of 3000 workers.  They have a relatively high turnover of staff, most of whom are employed at some distance from company office facilities at remote locations where only minimal connectivity is possible.  Their labour requirements are quite variable, and they have in the past found themselves needing to hire at short notice, at the remote locations. In those situations, an agent with laptop, printer and scanner was dispatched to the plant and would take 45 minutes to interview and then collate and countersign a set of copy documents to demonstrate Right to Work.

The client contacted Apto Solutions to ask us if we thought there was a way to use low cost tablet technology to improve this data and document capture process.  We offered a solution which, on implementation, realised huge productivity gains. From a 47 minute average, the mean process duration fell to close to 12. 

A questionnaire (that has subsequently grown to encompass a wider range of roles than originally specified) to capture essential information using the soft keyboard, use of the camera and some image processing technology to capture images of the applicant’s passport, driver’s licence and utility bills and finally capturing the applicant’s and interviewer’s signatures on the tablet screen comprise the app.Apto Solution’s objectives in designing and developing this solution are common to most of our creations.  We seek to use proven low cost technologies to develop highly productive solutions to transform administrative tasks.

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