Paper based data capture

Entering data into your business systems is a drain on your teams time, when they could be focused on your customers and your business.  Our solutions minimise the manual overhead, with technology to automate much of the process.

Most companies know that reducing paper increases business efficiency, and giving customers online ways to talk to you increases satisfaction.  The reality is that there are still many people who like using paper and will prefer to communicate using that medium – you need to be able to support all channels as efficiently as possible.

So rather than ignoring the pain of paper processes, why not allow your customers to use whatever means they feel comfortable with to talk to you – and look at improving your efficiency across the board.

The issue with paper based communication has long been the manual overhead in extracting the customer’s needs.  Without technology to help, information from paper has to be re-keyed into your business systems.  This ranges from keying handwritten data from paper forms to recording details of the physical archive location of the paper document.

Whenever a piece of paper is involved in a manual operation there is scope for capture technology to reduce the operational time and cost, and improve the response times and throughput.

So what’s the problem?

Here are some of the 'people' issues connected with manual data capture:
• It takes time
• Usually the people entering the data are supposed to be working on something else, data entry has become part of their dayjob.
• It is error prone.
• The link between the source material (the paper) and the data record (entered on the system) is broken.
• More paper means more people.

And the solution is?

Our solutions use document scanners as early as possible in the process.  Usually this means in the post room.  Scanning the paper allows the information to be easily distributed throughout the business.  This solves only part of the problem though.
By also using intelligent recognition technology, information from the documents  can be automatically captured and associated with it.  Now we know much more about the document - perhaps who sent it, what type of document it is, what values are included on it.  All this helps to identify why the paper was received and who needs to deal with it.

Data capture systems were historically expensive to implement as they were designed to cope with high volumes of paper with complex capture requirements.

The cost of the technology has reduced dramatically in recent years and at the same time the capabilities of the applications has increased exponentially.  It's no longer about simply scanning a document, extracting some data and sending the output file to a line of business system.

Data capture systems such as TotalAgility from Kofax can now provide added benefits by managing the data further into the business processes, often eliminating the need to have silo'd line of business systems.  Previously you may have needed multiple products to add case management or workflow capabilities to progress data through your business after it has been captured,  now these features can be provided as part of the Capture product set itself.

This greatly reduces the spend in creating a process that is efficient, compliant and accurate:
• No additional software application costs.
• No burden on IT resources.
• No staff training overhead.
• One point of contact for issues.
• No complex integrations or customisations.

 Whilst it can seem a daunting task to replace some of the legacy systems in use to carry out specific functions, there has never been a better time than now to strategically address their replacement with something more agile and future-proof – both in terms of functionality and capacity.

Why not get in touch with us just to see what is possible.  We are very hands on and take a consultative approach to implementation, allowing our customers to see what opportunities are available for cost savings across the whole business.

Whether you decide to concentrate on one specific area or an enterprise wide capture strategy, we can ensure you have the best business case for putting any  solution into practice.

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