Model Appraisal Guide Form

The Model Appraisal Guide (MAG) form was developed by Apto Solutions for the Revalidation Support Team (RST) and we are specialists in support and customisation of this form and supporting processes.

The MAG Form is an excellent generic solution to the problem of capturing appraisal related information as simply and unobtrusively as possible, being mindful of the burden that it places on Appraisees and Appraisers whilst respecting the needs of the Profession and of Medical Employers and Administrators. 

It remains, however, a generic solution, and to maximise its value to your organisation, and to leverage the substantial investment already made by the NHS, three things are needed:-

  • The form needs to be customised to your local requirements, you may find out more here
  • Establish a process for the use of the form
  • The process needs to be adequately supported

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss more your MAG requirements and the support processes.  Please contact us or read some further information here