Kofax Total Agility

We are specilaists in Kofax TotalAgility

Are you able upgrade or make the changes to your Kofax solution that your business needs to be made?

Do you want maximise, upgrade and use the Kofax Totalagility Solution?

If these issues sound familiar, apto have many years of working with our clients and their Kofax and capture requirements.  In fact now is never a better time with the opportunity to upgrade your existing capture licences to KTA, for a limited time period.  

TotalAgility not only provides the next progression of data capture technology, but also comes complete with the tools and functionality needed to help bridge the gap between how customers engage with your organisation and your line of business and record systems so that all information is gathered, considered and channelled to the right location.

Apto will help with the transition to the new processing platform by auditing and cataloguing your current system, and then mapping the functionality into the new application.

We are currently one of the few organisations in Europe who has multiple certifications in the design and delivery of the Kofax Total Agility platform (KTA).  KTA is the next evolutionary step in data capture being not only able to automatically classify, extract and validate data from documents, but to enable the capture from multiple sources simultaneously (email, Mobile device, Dedicated scanner, file share, social media etc…)

Apto have worked extensively with Kofax Modules.  Our knowledge of the capabilities and deployment of these products is second to none.  Whether you already have a Kofax based system and are looking for a more resilient support package or are sure that you are not using the software as effectively as you could be we are the people to talk to.

Kofax Totalagility for the first time ?

Our KTA services combined with our years in data capture services will guide you through the maze of designing and deploying a succesful process and capture platform.

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