Form Development - Local Authorities

Are you a Local Authority looking to implement electronic forms or do you need help with your exisitng eForm Solution?


Every year Local Authorities spend a significant amount of time and resources collecting data. Mainly this is done through paper forms. Whether it's a temporary event notice, taxi license or personal license application all of these are processed manually. Combined all these application submissions can be a drain on resources as well as a cost burden.

Why an eForm Solution

eForms can provide benefits to both the end user and Local Authority. They can be made dynamic and interactive, providing an intuitive user experience. Helping users to complete the form more quickly and accurately. Organisations benefit as clean data helps drive the process and they spend less on postage and admin costs. All of which helps to improve the relationship between the user and Local Authority.

How We Can Help

Apto Solutions are one of the leading providers of Form Developers and Consultants, both in quantity and expertise. We're currently looking to develop low cost form packs. Allowing Local Authorities to choose from a selection of eforms which they currently receive high demand for. Developing a bespoke solution for your requirements..

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