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Entering information into line of business systems nearly always involves the use of a form, this is data capture forms.  Badly implement forms cause chaos in an organisation and cause a drain on resource.  Our portfolio of online, offline, paper and mobile forms solutions alleviate this drain and ensure your data is fit for your business processes.

Entering data into your line of business systems should be a simplistic, efficient and cost effective process.  Far too often however the way in which we enter data into the systems we rely on is brittle inefficient and difficult.  Changes to the process rely heavily on IT resource and in some situations are simply not possible due to legacy databases or integrations - or both.

Unfortunately most of us don't realise that there are excellent alternatives to how we currently enter our data.  At apto we have a range of  form solutions which offer the following benefits:

  • Big reduction in time spent entering data into forms
  • Ability to perform multiple updates to different systems
  • Empower users with the ability to react to changes in data capture quickly and cost effectively without the need to involve IT
  • Communicate with your legacy systems without the need for customised complex integrations
  • Use browser technology to facilitate the entry of data or a dedicated rich capture mobile app
  • Use the form anytime, anyplace with or without wifi or 3g/4g

If you find staff are spending too much time entering data into your systems, have difficulty reacting to change or are spending large sums of money supporting legacy integrations then please contact us to find out how we can help streamline the process, remove the large cost overheads and empower your users.

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