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Apto recognise that being agile and reactive is key to business growth.  Understanding your critical customer feedback can lead to business improvement, customer satisfaction and more importantly customer trust.

Based on the award winning Sugar CRM platform, our complaints management solution ensures every customer issue is handled effectively and efficiently. At every stage, communication with the customer is key; this can be automated or managed by your staff as required on a case by case basis - the whole process is visible.

We use the most up to date technology to process customer feedback across all your business channels - including email, paper and social media.  Once the feedback is received it is automatically classified and linked to the customer’s history.  At this point automated responses may be generated based on the customer's preferred communication preference.

Our solution delivers benefits straight out of the box, but it is also extensible and configurable because we understand that the way you want to communicate with your customers does not conform to a “one size fits all” solution.   The inherent flexibility within our solution means that every aspect can be tailored to your needs - even changed by your own staff without writing complex code or scripts.

The end result is efficient processes that use the right combination of automation and user input.  Too much automation makes the customer feel unimportant, too little automation and the process is slow and ineffective, and costly to the business.  Our solution strikes just the right balance.

Handling complaints and customer feedback is just part of the overall communication that your business has with your customers.  Our solution is built on the powerful Sugar CRM platform which manages the whole customer relationship.

Understanding how your customers perceive your business helps you keep one step ahead.  With Sugar CRM you can gain useful insights as to how your customers view you, giving you the information and tools you need to capitalise on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Our solution includes the Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) data processing platform that specialises in taking incoming information and content, classifying and routing it to the relevant staff member or team automatically. KTA also updates information in your existing business systems and backend databases to ensure the information is recorded and tracked properly.

Invest once, gain multiple benefits

The solution platform we have built can accommodate any type of business process, making it more efficient and traceable, with the end result being greater compliance, increased capacity for growth within teams and departments and of course cost savings for the bottom line.

The complaints management solution is just one of the ‘drop in’ solutions we have created based on the Sugar CRM and Kofax TotalAgility platform.  Visit our web site to see what other solutions we have and how we can streamline your business processes to better enable your staff to do their day jobs.

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