Compliant Complaints Management

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Complaints management is no longer just about monitoring a customer interaction to a point of conclusion.  It is also about following a due process and ensuring all necessary steps have been correctly followed – every time.  Systems which enforce your processes provide protection to both your business and your customers.  However far too often the adoption of new processes associated with such a system can mean big cost overheads.

With today’s ever changing regulatory and compliance landscapes, it is more important than ever to select a partner and solution that can evolve with your business.  Our system allows you to prove that you adhere to your regulatory standards yet provides a platform which is agile and can accommodate change.

Our expertise and experience in developing  software applications enabled us to develop and deliver a platform which supports more efficient and cost effective business processes.  Add compliance to your business processes without  the increased costs of extra staff or additional administration work.

No matter what type of organisation you are there will always be the need to understand and manage the feedback you get from your customers and staff effectively.  Our solution lets you do this in an automated,low cost manner, delivering strong process in a non-intrusive manner.  Contact us today to get compliant!

Knowing that you need to improve the way you interact with your customers in a more compliant and efficient way is the first step.  Selecting the correct solution provider and set of applications can be the difficult next one.  There are many providers who make a lot of noise around being able to supply something that improves a process here or solve a problem there, so what sets us apart from the rest?

We believe there are two simple factors:

Our technology
We are not limited to one platform or one software application, we are able to offer the benefit of our years of experience in helping select the best tools that fit your individual problems.  Our skills in enabling systems to talk to each other mean that we can implement our solutions into your existing environment alongside your line of business systems improving the communication between them.  This gives us the ability to offer greater visibility and traceability of your date as it passes through your processes.

Our ability to deliver a positive project outcome
For many years we have been helping our customers improve what they do and how they do it.  We believe in a consultative approach which enables us to fully understand your problems before we arrive at a solution.  We understand that although many businesses suffer from similar issues, these issues can affect each business differently.  By working with you we can arrive at a solution which fits your needs perfectly

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