Let Apto help you manage
your cloud costs

Cloud cost management is about process, not simply about buying tools. Whilst tools will help collate information and fuel the feedback loops, you first need to know what tools you need, how to deploy them and what they can tell you.

How Apto can help manage your cloud costs

Apto can use Splunk and various other tools to analyse and monitor your cloud costs, ultimately reducing your cloud spend. But first we need to identify your particular pain points and specific needs. This pre-discovery phase will move you from cloud use to active cloud management.

What Apto will give you

The pre-discovery phase will provide you with a plan to give you:

  • an understanding of your current position
  • a detailed understanding of the data you’ll need to maintain that position
  • a review of potential tools to automate the data collection
  • an indication of the steps you’ll need to take to maintain that automatic process.

Use the plan to manage cloud costs yourself, or engage us to deliver it and manage your cloud spend for you.

How Apto will reduce your cloud spend

We offer a structured consulting process carried out by a cloud management expert. The process typically takes 4-5 days (depending on the scale of your cloud and your objectives) in the form of a sprint.

Cloud Cost Workshop

We’ll begin with a workshop of 4-5 hours to:

  • define your problem areas
  • identify current constraints and discover what’s holding you back
  • set clear objectives for the report, including recommended actions in user stories
  • identify the resources required, including administrators, techies and budget holders
  • commit to a timescale for the sprint and report presentation
  • define the sprint end date.

Apto will then get to work with our ‘technical tool box’ to analyse your costs and reduce your cloud spend.

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