Defend with Confidence: Flexible Team with SIEM Team Augmentation

Apto Solutions provides specialist professional support to enhance your existing security team, providing indepth SIEM knowledge and expertise


In today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape, organisations often find themselves grappling with resource shortages and the evolving complexities of SIEM tools.

Many companies struggle with a lack of sufficient internal resources to get the most out of a SIEM once they have one; whether that’s down to the recruitment of knowledgeable engineers, the correct technology or well-defined operational processes. Whether you are migrating to a SaaS SIEM, another SIEM, or simply do not have a dedicated function to maintain SIEM, we understand the struggle to keep your SIEM confidently functioning and protecting your business.

What is SIEM Team Augmentation?

Apto’s SIEM Team Augmentation service provides a strategic solution to these SIEM challenges, ensuring that your organisation not only keeps pace with the threat landscape but also elevates its security posture. Typically used for projects and programme rollouts; team augmentation is focused on providing skilled, experienced SIEM experts to integrate with your existing teams and who can support with implementation, migration, upgrading and long-term maintenance of your SIEM platform.

The Expertise You Need To Enhance Your SIEM

Apto’s SIEM Team Augmentation works by supplementing your IT and SecOps teams with a blended hand-picked team of expert security consultants who can be called upon to assess a situation that goes beyond what your company’s team can currently deal with.

Staff augmentation works by partnering with your Cyber and ITOps departments to identify and remediate several core areas and key tasks, such as: threat modelling, SIEM use cases, tool selection and updating company policies and frameworks.

This approach is ideal if you need a specialist to take responsibility for platform-specific tasks, which in turn releases capacity for your internal team to focus on other areas. This can help you to complete the necessary work to get ahead and gain confidence.

Where Augmentation Can Help 

  • On-premise SIEM to SaaS SIEM
  • In-house to external SOC and vice versa
  • Bespoke SIEM support anywhere in the SIEM journey/lifecycle
  • Product migration from another platform to a more modern SIEM product
  • SIEM management at scale for operational and content management

What are the benefits of SIEM Team Augmentation?

Dedicated, Knowledgable Teams

Apto’s SIEM consultants are assigned to each client and are focused on each project to better ensure understanding and integration with your team and a more personalised approach.

Maintain Full Control & Oversight

Apto’s SIEM consultants report directly to in-house management and participate actively in daily meetings and progress reports so that you have full oversight of the work being completed and why. 

Rapid Measurable Improvements

Our team will review your whole environment, then identify the biggest gaps and most urgent issues and provide a methodical approach to dealing with these so you see the benefits quickly.

Flex Model

As compared to working with fixed-term contractors, Apto Augmentation encourages flexible resource usage based on demand and task complexity. The adaptability and flexibility of Augmentation make it perfectly suitable for a wide range of use cases, across organisations of any size and any industry. 

Knowledge Base

Apto Augmentation provides your organisation with direct access to one of the most knowledgeable and experienced SIEM specialists in the U.K., helping over 300 businesses with their SIEM environment. 

About Apto Solutions

At Apto, our goal is to assist organisations in their adoption of threat detection and management platforms, regardless of where they are in the SIEM journey. We specialise in navigating the complexities of on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments and have earned a reputation in multiple industries by delivering comprehensive, well-designed, scalable SIEM solutions that meet your business and compliance objectives. Apto can help give you the breathing room you need to understand and get to grips with your data security and bridge the gaps in your security posture.

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