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AEM Apps leverage individual and combined components of the AEM platform.  The apps are platform agnostic through the use of Phonegap or Cordova and can be used to publish content and updates dynamically without the need to reinstall the app.  Content can be published and controlled through AEM and DPS.  AEM forms can also utilise this app also.  Dynamic content publishing including workflow driven content make this an excellent platform to manage all your apps and businses processes from.

As with all mobile apps, push notification, in app, realtime messaging are available.  What is the most powerful concept is managing your apps and content in one platform, providing a powerful customer relationship platform.  The Apps can be used to complete offline forms for later submission and attachments.  Analytics can be used to provide rich insights to your customers behaviour and preferences, that can be used in conjunction with targeting and campaign tools.  The App can also multi-use as an easy way for your customer to engage – a mobile portal – whilst choosing to know about your latest news and information you wish to share.

This multi use, engaging platform allows all the latest information flow to your customer, whilst building loyalty through ease of contact.

Our specialist services are around delivering this easy to use and engaging channel. 

We also specilaise in the following components

  • AEM Document Services
  • AEM Adaptive Documents
  • AEM Workflow
  • Analytics & targeting

We provide services from discover to delivery.  We have been an adobe solutions partner for over ten years and have adobe certified professionals.  We work to most project methodologies and offer various commercial engagements to suit your project and budget.

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