Adobe Certified Experts

Adobe Certified Experts

Adobe Certified Experts (ACE)

Firstly apto only offer Adobe Certified Experts (ACE), there are a few specific accreditations and we have them, AEM Developer, Devops, Forms, Architect and Admin.  To become an Adobe Certified Expert takes large amounts of time, effort, cost and skills.  The rigorous program from adobe alone is multiple courses, exam preparation and a high pass level.  Apto solutions additionally apply our own set of consultant ready process.  We apply a minimum 6 months program to each consultant covering

  • The adobe training and certifications
  • Apto mock projects and assessments
  • Apto shadow consulting program
  • Commercial Training to cover estimating, SOW creation, report writing, presentation skills, ISO policies, apto good practice consulting policies and procedures
  • Project Methodologies – waterfall, agile

We complement the technical skills and accreditations with understanding your requirements and business applying this expertise.  Please see our general AEM Services Page.

We have Adobe Certified Experts in AEM at

  • Developer
  • Devops
  • Admin
  • Architect

Products Covered

  • AEM Sites
  • AEM Form
  • AEM Assets
  • Adobe Analytics

Models of Engagement

We have simplified a few different forms of engagements in your project, which we would welcome to discuss

  • Team augmentation as an AEM Developer – single or multiple heads
  • Team augmentation as an AEM Senior or Lead Developer – single or multiple heads
  • Self contained project assignment e.g. component, package development end to end
  • AEM Starter – help build the blocks for your Site or project for self sufficiency
  • AEM Value Acceleration – a series of sprints tailored for you, to help get more from your AEM
  • AEM Optimisation – a series of sprints tailored for you, to review, advise and implement change to optimise your AEM

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