Adobe Certified Experts (ACE) at your disposal

Apto only offer Adobe Certified Expert’s (ACE)

To become and Adobe Certified Expert takes large amounts of time, effort, cost and skill. The rigorous program from Adobe are multiple courses, exam preparation and a high pass level. We additionally apply our own set of consultant ready process, we apply a minimum 6 months program to each consultant covering:

  • Adobe training and certifications
  • Mock projects and assessments
  • Shadow consulting program
  • Commercial Training & good practice consulting policies and procedures
  • Project Methodologies including our unique Fusion methodology

Adobe Certified Experts

Products Covered

  • AEM Sites
  • AEM Form
  • AEM Assets
  • Adobe Analytics
  • AEM Apps or Field Worker

What does an Adobe Certified Expert offer ?

apto offer ACE consultants that are certified to design, implement, develop and support – in our case – adobe experience manager.  apto cover AEM Sites, Assets and Forms primarily.  This includes a wide range of activities deeply technical concerned with these discreet products and disciplines surrounding them.  So from a consultant to a sites developer, to a process flow and customer correspondence management consultant, we have covered a wide range of industry and component projects.

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