Are you looking to upgrade to Adobe AEM?

Upgrading to AEM

With licence changes or systems growing old you may be considering upgrading to Adobe AEM. We can assist you in the thought process to consider an upgrade, execution and support post upgrade.

Why us?

What makes us unique is a combination

  • Experience of many upgrades
  • Toolsets to enable smooth upgrades
  • Knowledge of licensing options
  • What works, what doesn’t

We have the practical experience and knowledge for all adobe AEM upgrades. This includes all the previous Adobe LiveCycle ES family and discreet components within it.

Whether you are conducting the exercise of whether to migrate to some other product, we are not a reseller, we will offer advice on all aspects of the upgrade, commercial, ease, technical and feasability.

We will listen, consider and offer advice, an initial meeting or conversation will not cost anything.

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