Adobe AEM Forms & Sign

Make sure your business is pointing in the right direction.  Digitally enable your business processes with Adobe AEM Forms & Sign today.

What is it ?

Adobe AEM Forms and Sign give the freedom to automate complex transactions and include secure legal e-signatures as part of a seamless digital experience.

With Forms, applicants/users can easily find the right form (typically the start of any process) and fill it out using any device, anywhere at anytime.  It doesn’t matter whether its an iphone or a 50” screen.  Users can start on one device, save and continue on another.   At the back end of this great user experience is workflows – processing steps – you can configure, including interactive communications.  Adobe Sign is used with seamless integration to secure and sign the resulting communication both parties agree upon.

Example Flow

Find: User/applicant discovers your form via a link or through a portal provided with forms

Fill: Complete the appropriate form on device of choice. The adaptive forms are presented in an engaging way to only ask questions needed dependent on choices, answers and other items such as lookups.  Optionally start on one device finish on another

Sign: The completed form is verified and presented to the applicant for signature.

The applicant reviews the information in the completed form. If they’re satisfied that everything is correct, integrated Adobe Sign lets them click on an e-signature box and sign by typing or drawing their name. If your organization needs further proof of signer identity, extra authentication steps can be added using methods like phone verification, social ID or knowledge-based authentication.

Process: Automated workflow and tracking helps employees evaluate the application.
Using streamlined digital workflows that include people, systems, content, and business rules, Experience Manger forms routes the application through approvals. Employees work with a personalized dashboard that lets them take action quickly while ensuring compliance with departmental policies and regulatory requirements. Field workers can collect further information using a mobile app, even while offline. And, if documents need to be signed or approved during the evaluation process, Adobe Sign collects signatures or click-through approvals, tracks the signing process and produces an audit trail.

Respond: Applicants receive regular communications about their application.
Experience Manager Forms lets your organization communicate personalized information in engaging ways. Statements, letters and other correspondence can be delivered through personal web portals or other channels. If offers or contracts need signing, Adobe Sign lets your customers sign from any device, even a smartphone.

Measure: Your organization optimizes customer experiences over time. Experience Manager Forms works with Adobe Analytics to deliver deep insight, letting you know how customers interact with your forms and documents. With that insight, you can use A/B testing and experience targeting in Adobe Target to optimize and further personalize form and document experiences.

So what do we do?

The first thing we need to establish is where are you in the digital transformation and enablement process?  It can start simple from signing a simple sales contract through to a hugely complex business transactional process.  This leaves plenty in between to talk about in between.

A few examples of what we have worked on, sales contracts and simple sign, with varying degrees of CRM complexity.  B2B, Contract creation with Forms, issuance and signing with Worflow for a very complex multi party contract.  Government grant and sign processes.  Enrolment for complex financial services B2B contracts using Forms and Sign.  Certification and Inspection services with sign off.  Multi-point Sign integrations to serve service, sales, HR, supplier, lease and enrolment contracts.

All of this can be achieved with AEM Forms & Sign and other adobe products especially AEM Forms.

How we work

We have pre-configured AEM Form & Sign quick start packages from 5 days through to 20 days beyond this, it becomes bespoke to what you wish to achieve.  There is no right or wrong way, whether we springboard with a package, fix price a design and implementation with you, or work on a T&M sprint basis, the choice is yours.  We will have of course some use cases and our experience to share to guide this.

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