How we do it

We fuse our consultants, domain and technology expertise with your people, processes and business knowledge – hence the term Fusion – helping you achieve your digital and data driven transformation.

The project flow

Each project is typically a 12 week program, an iterative and incremental approach. We start with a discovery phase, followed by agile based design and delivery phases with user story backlogs and sprints.


We need to understand what your objectives are – digital transformation, customer experience, governance, information flow, poor data, missing data, too much data or a much larger no data strategy. Typically someone who is given the problem contacts us and we have the initial meeting to determine how to proceed.

Based on the problem defined and more importantly the objective being sought we proceed to the discovery phase, this encompasses:

  • Clear objectives described in User Stories
  • Clear team definition from us and you
  • Technology constraints, products, integration
  • Define the iterative delivery (sprints)
  • Ensure the team defined clearly know their roles


During this process we finalise the team, define and refine the backlogs of stories, and plan each sprint.

How does your objective fit with the existing data/information strategy? What is required to happen with the data to produce the information you require? What processes, access, storage and other assets are available? Who will be involved with data: people, processes, systems, integration, presentment ? What existing technology do we have available? What other technology do we need?


This is the interesting piece of the project, delivering incrementally and iteratively sprint by sprint. We achieve this with your team through the three steps of sprint process – the plan, the review and the retrospective. This is standard agile fodder, but we add our library of fusion modules to ensure the secret sauce of a successful data project.

We ensure each sprint matches the objectives set out by reviewing and altering as we go, nothing is ever left too long or too late to bring back on course. You have complete control of the velocity of the delivery.


Being there for our customers post delivery is an essential part of our process. We set the projects to be agile, why not allow the solution to be so to? This means as you utilise the data information knowledge chain, yourself or others may benefit from further enhancements, assistance or simple sit downs with us to ensure you’re getting the most from your delivery. We don’t offer a one size fits all, this is completely unique to you.


Technology features heavily in what we do. We only use technology we are trained, certified and expert in, such as Adobe AEM, Splunk and AWS.


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