Getting More From Your Data

The full and correct deployment and use of a tool such as Cribl can provide a range of valuable advantages for effectively managing IT and security data. With Apto Cribl services, organisations can gain greater visibility and control over their data, reduce processing costs, improve data quality, and enhance overall data management efficiency.

How Cribl Can Be Used

  • Cloud Migration:

    Easily transfer data between cloud-based tools to ensure optimal security and create a long-term path to data agility.

  • Compliance / Data Retention:

    Replay cold data from anywhere into your current analysis tools. Store data in any format with or without encryption.

  • SIEM / Logging Migration:

    Data sharing allows teams to phase out systems when ready, instead of being driven by redundant infrastructure costs.

  • XDR Initiatives:

    Adopt modern XDR solutions alongside your existing tools; shape data into high-efficiency formats for each tool. Only send the data that each tool needs.

  • Data Lake Strategy:

    Replay previously stored data into any analytics platform for incident management and auditing. Capture all incoming data in its original format.

  • SIEM / Logging Renewal:

    Share data between SIEM solutions while teams merge. Consolidate pipelines while maintaining both tools to keep critical processes in place.

  • SIEM Consolidation:

    Converge pipelines while maintaining both tools to keep critical processes in place. Clean up legacy sources to reduce noise and ingestion volume.

  • Security <> ITOps:

    Collect data once and send it to the preferred tool of each team. Redact sensitive information for the teams that shouldn’t have access. Each team can utilize separate pipelines for their tools without impacting each other.

  • Data Sharing:

    Shape data for each team’s tools to maximize value while reducing licensing impact and signal-to-noise. Reduce noise by dropping repeat data or null values. Enrich data at collection time to simplify queries later.

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