Modern, Effective And Scalable Data Pipelining

The innovative solutions offered by the Cribl Edge and Stream transform data observability, providing enhanced control, visibility, and accessibility across your entire network of data pipelines for generating insights and driving business growth.

With Apto, you can access the tools and expertise needed to do more with your data and get the most out of Cribl. Applying our unique Apto methodology, we are here to help you optimise your data and develop your platforms into providing valuable, actionable security and ITops insights.


The Cribl suite of products is the best way for organisations to implement an observability pipeline, enabling you to parse, restructure, and enrich data in flight – before paying to analyse it.

With the proper deployment and configuration, Cribl can reduce costs, improve downstream performance and effectively route data without sacrificing the quality and control of your data.

  • Cribl Stream

    A data collection, reduction, enrichment, and routing system for observability data.

  • Cribl Edge

    An intelligent, scalable, edge-based data collection system for logs, metrics, and application data.

  • Cribl Search

    Perform federated “search-in-place” queries on any data, in any form.

  • Cribl Lake

    A turnkey data lake solution.

  • Cribl Cloud

    A cloud platform for quick setup without infrastructure hassles.

  • Cribl Copilot

    AI-powered tool for deployment and troubleshooting.

Data Management For SIEM

Incorporating Cribl into your data management strategy alongside a SIEM presents numerous benefits, including substantial cost savings and heightened security insights. Cribl’s robust tools guarantee peak efficiency for your SIEM, ensuring it has the essential data for effective security monitoring and threat detection.

It’s important to note that Cribl extends beyond SIEM integration. For instance, it significantly enhances observability by providing highly efficient tools for collecting, processing, and routing observability data across diverse environments. Moreover, Cribl can route, parse, enhance, minimize, and obfuscate all forms of data.

Recognized as a powerful data management platform, as an accredited Cribl partner, Apto confidently leverages this potent tool by expertly contextualizing its application, configuring it, and aligning its operation with our well-established methodology.


Benefits Of Cribl

Data Filtering and Enrichment:

Cribl can filter out irrelevant data and enrich relevant data before it reaches the SIEM, improving SIEM performance and reducing costs.


Handles massive data volumes efficiently, ensuring the SIEM only processes necessary data.

Cost Efficiency:

Reduces storage and processing costs by optimizing data streams.


Provides greater control over data routing and processing, allowing for more customized data management.

Real-time Insights:

Enhances real-time data analytics and visibility across the IT infrastructure.

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