Apto have a proud history of adopting new technology and identifying opportunities that will help aid business processes. The reason we've been able to achieve this is by teaming up with some of the best innovating companies in the world.


We've been providing Adobe based solutions over the past 10 years to a range of different organisations. Our access to the newest enterprise software from Adobe has allowed us to stay ahead of the pack. The constant evolution of their enterprise products will continue to see them ahead of other enterprise software developers.



A recent 2012 partnership, Ephesoft is one of the first Open Source data capture and scanning software offerings to come to market.  It has already powered very large scanning projects in the U.S. for massive backfiles.  Its proven scalability and robustness make it an ideal choice for organisations with ongoing scanning requirements and also backlog scanning projects.  Cloud and on premise offerings exist and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.


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