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Transforming Output from an ERP


We were requested to help customisation and support services for an ERP output transformation process.


The client is a leading classified directories publisher. Operating internationally, they publish traditional paper, online and phone based services in Europe, the USA and in Latin America. In the UK and USA alone they have over one million advertisers, all of whom need invoices and statements. Documents of that type are regarded by progressive organisations like our client as opportunities to communicate, and as such they are subject to frequent change. 


These documents could have been generated directly in their ERP. However, rather than contending for scarce and expensive ERP development resources to ensure that that these documents are of a suitable quality, they decided to implement an Output Management solution. RDI data streams from SAP are reformatted by Adobe Output Server to produce rich customer oriented content. The enhanced output is then sent for printing, with PDF copies archived to a document repository so that customer service agents can view online identical documents to those seen by their clients.


The client defines the business requirements for the system; Apto Solutions' staff translate them into an Adobe Output Server template, test and then implement.

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