Technological Business

Transforming Output from an ERP


The brief entailed using a output management and transformation tool to create multi-country document sets for ERP data.


The client is the European arm of a $30 billion Fortune 100 company that is a diversified global manufacturer. It has a number of high technology businesses, including Aerospace, Process Automation and Control, High Performance Materials and Transportation Systems. The company is famous not only for its innovations and business success, but also for its corporate responsibility program and ethical business stance.


In Europe, the business took the decision to separate their computer output management from their ERP system. This was done to ensure that the high standards they demand from their corporate communications were not hampered by the high costs and resource contention associated with ERP development. Following a successful proof of concept, Adobe Output Server has been progressively implemented across an increasing proportion of business units across much of Europe.


The solution takes XML output from the ERP, rationalises and reorders that data, then merges it into the appropriate templates according to the content of each record.


Apto Solutions' current role is to take the business requirements defined by the client's personnel and to convert them into the detailed coding needed for the output management system as and when this is needed. This allows their staff to focus on the day to day management of the system, and to meet the changing needs of the business.