Retail Bank

Transforming Output From a CRM System


Apto Solutions were asked to manage an application that is used to generate output from a CRM system.


The client is a major retail banking organisation in the UK.


They rely on a Siebel system for their CRM which is principally a resource for their call centre operatives, but which is also used offline by other banking staff. The system is integrated with an interactive synchronous document generation solution derived from Adobe Output Server. Customer contact, whether face to face, over the telephone or online often results in a request for documents. Statements, illustrations and quotations and other customer facing correspondence are ordered from Siebel. This provokes the document generation system to retrieve the XML data for the merge from Siebel which is then merged with one of the many templates to create PDF documents.


This client has substantial resource available to maintain and manage the system. Apto Solutions' role is to provide support and guidance for the more complex requirements.

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