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Integrating a New Optical Disk Technology


We were chosen to create an integration between a very high capacity optical storage technology and Apple OSX.


Our Japanese client is one of the world's largest manufacturers of DVDs with a turnover of 18 billion Yen. They are famously innovative, being for example the first to market with a production system for the creation of HD DVDs. They have also created a data archive solution which uses the Ultra Density Optical (UDO) standard. This is the successor format to 5.25" optical drives that offers data capacity of 60Gb per floppy disk-sized cartridge. .


Having had success is marketing this product to the Windows user community, our client needed to get support for their product for the latest generation of Apple operating systems, OSX. Apto Solutions was contracted to port the software used to access UDO drives to that platform.


The successful project entailed a re-write of the existing Unix driver, modifications to the Apple SCSI disk driver, creating a formatting and repair utility and a user friendly installation package.

Apto Solutions' success in completing this assignment was attributable to our extensive multi-operating system skills and our engineering-led approach to development.

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