Financial Advice Company

Email Gateway

BackgroundThe client is a leading financial services company offering advice on loans, banking, insurance, mortgages and debt advice. All of the services they offer is closely governed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Meaning that keeping client records accurately and sharing information has to be done securely.


Due to the various services provided they perform vast quantities of printing and posting to clients. On average £1 was spent on each individual client correspondence. As they distribute to thousands of clients a month this inevitably cost a large amount each month. We were tasked to develop an electronic alternative to the expensive printing and postage.


The solution we developed was the email gateway. This was composed of pre-developed PDF templates which could be used for exporting customer data into. Using Adobe LiveCycle Output customer representatives could take customer data over the phone – complete a simple form – then submit the details. A PDF document is then automatically generated, ready to be sent to the customer by email or they could download it and print it off themselves.


The obvious benefits is the reduction in cost of printing and sending the document to clients. But there is also the advantage for customer representatives who won't have to manually input the same customer details each time. For customers, they receive instant documentation and quality information within a matter of minutes.