UK Government

Electronic Forms Creation

A high visibility project for the development and deployment of an electronic form based application process. 


The Client is the web presence of an arm of UK Government. The agency is responsible for the overall management of highly pervasive legislation, involving the population at large and much of Local

Government. The Portal is intended to be a one stop shop for all stakeholders in the process; for professionals, their clients and the legislators and executors of policy as well.

In addition to providing a medium for hosting many pages of relatively static content, the Portal is being developed to provide a medium in which applications can be

entered and then processed online. Adobe LiveCycle has been adopted as the electronic forms capture component of the solution. This provides an environment that combines high fidelity document presentation with XML data handling.


Apto Solutions are providing ongoing consulting resource to the project. This takes the form of Input Management Solutions consulting for form development and testing, in addition to more technical input for the integration between LiveCycle and the underlying IBM WebSphere web services infrastructure.

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To gain a better understanding of the solution we provided and the user experience when completing a form please click here and watch the video.

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