Financial Services

Business Process Mapping Consultancy


The main task for this client was to develop a business process mapping in a mailroom in preparation for a business process outsourcing initiative.


The client is a financial services organisation specialising in the management of personal indebtedness.


In common with many organisations this business is keen to outsource those processes they regard as not core. In this instance they were considering outsourcing their mail distribution and capture process, replacing it with a scan and index service with the resulting images fed back to the business via a hosted document repository. Prior to any outsourcing, it is vital that the current process is mapped and documented to a very high level of granularity.


Apto Solutions' consultants carried out a study, producing multi level process maps and cataloguing business rules. This documentation was a sound platform for the subsequent procurement process, which resulted in a successful outsourcing.


Apto Solutions has a wealth of experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and in Business Process Automation (BPA). Our consultants can work effectively and with the necessary sensitivity to develop an understanding of the process environment. They can then document it with the precision and clarity that is essential in the procurement of outsourcing services, and a vital precursor to the deployment of BPA technology.