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Apto solutions specialise in everything capture and output and ‘x’ relationship management. 

We apply a multitude of technologies and a Halo partnership approach to solving our customer difficulties.  Each domain of expertise is explained in the relevant section of our website and illustrated in the diagram below

We are also committed to developing a better understanding of customers business and their processes as we work with them.  This enables us to suggest some of the technologies illustrated below, but importantly looking at how combining certain technologies can resolve some of the business issues our customers face.

While we have many technology specialists, we also have vertical market, process and domain specialists.   So from applying a full customer relationship management solution in central government to an electronic all in one multi-lingual, multi country, multi currency private client opening bank application form; we have your challenges covered.

Management Team

Jeremy Hawkey (MD) takes charge of the day to day running and challenges faced by Apto. He is also heavily involved in the long term strategic decisions made for the company.

Peter Eggleston (Director) has vast experience in planning and delivering projects for document and data capture. As our primary account and sales representative he is helping to develop and grow the business at every opportunity.

Paul Triffitt (Director) is the most experienced technical consultant at Apto. Whether the project is BPM, Workflow or EDM, Paul has experience in delivering highly technical projects for a range of clients.

Finally, if you have any questions then please send them onto us. We’ll endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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