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Apto solutions specialise in making your customers digital experience better with your business.

Digital Fusion – accelerating your digital ambitions. 

Apto help your customers communicate better with your business, minimising the delays between their actions and yours, building responsive systems that work for customer and supplier alike.

Data acquisition

The amount of data that you must deal with is growing exponentially.  More digital transactions, more internet ready devices, more online customers and the Internet of Things make the issue more difficult every day.  Our role is to work with you to get hold of the data and then build your digital capability to deal with it.

Data is valuable

In fact, it is potentially valuable.  If you can’t process it, data is a liability not an asset. We will help you make the transformation that you need to turn the exponentially growing streams of data into valuable information.

Talk to your clients

Cost efficient communication requires automation.  Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation and Artificial intelligence all have a part to play.  Most important is experience with the technologies and expertise in their configuration and customisation.

How we do it

Fusion is the name we give to our unique methodology that combines our expertise, a state-of-the-art toolset and your people into an agile, productive project.

Why Apto?

We know that there are lots of competitors out there, and that our clients always have a choice.  It is our clear focus that sets us apart; we know that the keys to our continuing success over 13 years have been maintaining this with consistency, integrity and expertise.

We are also committed to developing a better understanding of customers business and their processes as we work with them.  This enables us to suggest some of the technologies illustrated below, but importantly looking at how combining certain technologies can resolve some of the business issues our customers face.


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