Case Study: Splunk Cloud Migration Challenge


A financial service business wanted to migrate to Splunk Cloud from their on-premise instance.


We carried out an initial migration workshop to understand some of the key concerns for this customer. We understood whether their Splunk data needed to be migrated to the cloud, how much data they had, and how that migration would occur. We also understood what assets they had and how they could be migrated to cloud. As part of the workshop we also carried out a healthcheck of the forwarding tier, to ensure that it was following best practice for the move to Cloud.

We provided the output of the workshop, and recommended approach, to the customer in a report. We worked through the findings to help the customer decide on the approach which was best for them.

With a plan in place, we helped the customer perform the migration. We started by performing some remediation activities, ensuring that the forwarding tier was set up correctly for Cloud and would provide a robust, scalable solution for the customer’s future requirements. We then set about migrating both their data and assets into Splunk Cloud. Specifically, we helped prepare their apps to ensure that they migrated smoothly onto the Splunk Cloud platform.


Using our knowledge of Splunk, and cloud migrations, we were able to run an organised, managed approach for the customer. The end result was a smooth, well-planned transition to cloud which had minimal disruption of the customers day to day activities.


If you’re interested in migrating to Splunk Cloud then download our Cloud migration e-book.

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