Case Study: Implementing Splunk Cloud In The NHS


A large NHS Trust wanted to use Splunk Cloud to help minimise service outages as well as help to protect against potential cyber threats. The Trust was extremely busy due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the IT and security teams needed to adapt to a more remote workforce. This placed additional pressure on IT services and security monitoring.

The Trust required a Splunk implementation that involved minimal disruption to their day-to-day activities and could be used effectively across the organisation.


A proven methodology was used which deployed Splunk rapidly and with minimal business disruption. An initial workshop allowed us to propose a solution and security use cases which met the specific requirements of the Trust. The Trust were able to achieve a clear view of what the program of work would look like. We then rapidly architected, deployed and onboarded the relevant data into Splunk. The Trust also received a full demonstration of the use cases and value that they could get from the product.


The Trust secured a rapidly deployed Splunk infrastructure which was scalable and robust, giving the Trust a platform to build on. By achieving a deployment which understood and met their security requirements and implementing the right use cases, the Trust was left with a solution which added value from the outset.

If, like our NHS Trust customer, you want to deploy Splunk, download our Splunk Quickstart Guides.

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