27 March 2024

Navigating the Splunk-Cisco Acquisition: What Lies Ahead?


The recent acquisition of Splunk by Cisco has sent ripples through the info security and IT community, sparking a flurry of speculation, opinions and new debate. As the media buzzes with predictions, one thing is certain: there are more questions than answers around this development and what the future holds for Splunk platform users.

For those who have been using Splunk, the acquisition raises many uncertainties. Foremost among them is the fate of Splunk’s product portfolio. What will the future hold for existing products, and how will they integrate with Cisco’s offerings? The role of Splunk’s observability suite as compared to Cisco’s own AppDynamics product remains a pressing query, leaving many CISOs, SOC Leads and Engineers eager for clarity.

Ongoing product cost also looms large on the horizon. In an era where licencing costs seem only to increase, the Splunk user base awaits anxiously to see how the acquisition will impact pricing models and expenses in both the short and long term. Will this acquisition spell a boon or burden for the cost of the platform and its associated support costs?

As an accredited Splunk partner, our commitment to our customers remains unwavering. In the face of uncertainty, we pledge to stay ahead of developments, striving to decipher their implications for our clients, both at a platform level and looking at the big picture. Through [our regular newsletter] and ongoing dialogue, we endeavour to keep our clients and partners informed, offering insights, predictions and best practices gleaned from our close monitoring of the situation.

Moreover, we recognise the paramount importance of data ownership and control. In a landscape characterized by rapid evolution, adaptability is key. We advocate for maintaining agility and independence from any single product, empowering organisations to navigate shifting industry tides and product updates with confidence.

In the coming months, we will delve deeper into these themes, exploring strategies for safeguarding data sovereignty and maximizing operational flexibility. As the tech landscape evolves, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering our clients to thrive in an ever-changing world of threat detection and SIEM.

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