12 March 2019

Low Code Platforms?

Blog Musings

Are we nearly there yet?

Can low-code platforms be considered for all types of business applications? For many years, most have been confined to what is euphemistically called “departmental” solutions. Sometimes that has been a literal description – confined to a department where the platform sweet spot is relevant, for example in document production, or an onboarding workflow, or any number of processes where a batch processing model has been appropriate. For the most part however “departmental” has been a description applied to something that doesn’t fit the corporate solution profile, that is to say it was a tactical rather than a strategic deployment. It nearly always implies that a compromise had to be made because of cost or time constraints, and that this condemned it to the margins.

In the twentyteens however it is becoming increasingly apparent that those constraints – cost and time – are becoming universal. And if they aren’t perceived as such yet, it is just a matter of time before they will be.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the platforms themselves are scalable enough for Enterprise deployment. The question now is are the Enterprises themselves ready for the platforms?  Do you know? We are starting to seem some very interesting questions from our clients.

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