22 January 2020

Adobe AEM Adaptive Forms, What’s that all about?

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Adobe Experience Manager Adaptive Form

When you think about capturing data from users, what do you think about?

Digital forms are everywhere these days and are often the primary means of capturing user data. Designing forms might even seem a daunting or complex task and often leaves a lot to consider. We find Adobe’s AEM Adaptive Forms solution provides an answer to these questions.

At Apto Solutions we provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you fulfill your potential of creating a great online data capture solution.

Our Experience

We find that using AEM Adaptive Forms, while very powerful can sometimes seem daunting to new users, so we thought we’d put together a series of blogs starting with this one, detailing what we find to be the most useful features, and how we’ve used them.

How we use Adaptive Forms

User experience should always be at the forefront of designing and building an adaptive form. We’ve put together a brief video explaining what an Adobe AEM Adaptive Forms means to us, the things we look for in an adaptive form, the best features of them and why we find them useful.


AEM Adaptive Forms – What’s that all about?

In this video we discuss:


We find that the user journey through the form, is often driven from how much data you need to obtain from your users. Long or even complex forms often need more comprehensive navigation options when compared to shorter forms. We review the AEM Forms out-of-the-box options available and give our thoughts, on how these options adapt to different devices.


We review the translation capabilities of Adobe AEM Forms and see how it can automatically translate your adaptive forms for you, into what ever language you wish.

Data Ingestion and Integration

We review our best practices for integrating data from external solutions, as well as how we then display that data in the Adaptive form.

Form Completion

We review how we use our Summary component, a feature we have created for our Adaptive forms. This feature enables users to:

  • Review the questions they have completed in the form
  • Go back to make changes to the form
  • Give the user assurance that the form has been completed correctly

Submissions and Where to go Next

We briefly discuss submission options, what happens to the data and the Adobe AEM Workflow features.

Coming up…

Next in our series of blogs over the coming weeks we are going to break down these areas into more detail and discuss each feature in turn.

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