26 June 2020

7 Ways to Maximise the return on your Splunk investment

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Splunk, the data to everything platform, is empowering organisations to use their data to drive insights and action. Here are 7 ways that you can maximise the RoI of your Splunk Deployment:

  1. Migrate to the Cloud… more and more customers are seeing the value in migrating to the cloud, whether that be Splunk’s own cloud, or a third party. However, many people see migrating to the cloud as being a risky and complex project. This needn’t be the case if you take the right approach. By starting with a workshop to plan a pragmatic approach to migration, you will also soon be able to enjoy the benefits of being in the Cloud!
  2. Build your Roadmap… To get the most out of Splunk it’s important to know where you are going with this powerful toolset. Make sure you understand your business goals and operational objectives to ensure that your expanding Splunk footprint meets them.  Considering this early in your Splunk journey will ensure you are heading in the right direction, mitigating risks and hitting milestones in your Splunk journey.
  3. Data, data, everywhere… To get the most from your deployment you need to ingest data quickly and effectively. As your confidence in Splunk grows make sure you plan how to find, ingest, and analyse new data sources. There are no doubt many data sources in your business, and it’s worth regularly stopping to think about where else you can use Splunk.
  4. Have a regular MOT AS you ramp up your use of Splunk it’s important to make sure that your Splunk deployment is ready for whatever you throw at it. To get maximum RoI from your Splunk set up make sure that your deployment is stable, robust and ready to handle more data.
  5. Expand how you use your data Even with a stable, business-as-usual Splunk environment, sometimes there are causes for additional data analysis to get more value from your set-up. Make sure that you set aside time to search and investigate using Splunk aside from your business as usual activities. This will no doubt reveal potential opportunities to improve your business and get more RoI from your technology investment.
  6. Think about the future. As the power of Splunk, and data ingested, increases, many organisations are looking to machine learning more and more. The toolkits in Splunk can help ramp your Operational Intelligence from reactive to predictive analytics. It’s easy to neglect this powerful part of the Splunk platform with day to day activities. But when implemented correctly the potential value of machine learning is huge. Make sure you’re thinking about the machine learning toolkit, and how it can help across your enterprise
  7. Get some Assurance Whether your new to Splunk and just finding your feet, or a mature established Splunk user, it’s good to know that certified experts are on hand when you need them. Our customers have welcomed having a tailor made assurance package that provides the support they need, on their terms, meaning that their Splunk engineers don’t get distracted from key activities.

Bonus point! Whilst heavily used in security and ITOps, the potential power of Splunk extends across the organisation into business analytics, IoT networks and more. If you have Splunk deployed in an area of your business, don’t forget it’s potential value elsewhere.

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