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Package Overview

If you’re a digitally ambitious organisation you’ve probably already moved to e-signatures for faster, more effective signing solutions. But where next? Introducing e-signature is just the beginning. Our 10 day accelerator pack will help you get more out of Adobe Sign.

In this pack we’ll focus on your business processes, how to modify and automate them to make the most of your e-signature solution. We’ll help you plan how to integrate Sign into your existing business systems.


  • Understand your Signing Workflows

  • Get more from the Sign Core Functionality

  • Integrate with your business systems

Understand your Signing Workflows

  • We’ll help you audit and document the workflows you currently have for signing within your business.
  • We’ll provide a methodology so you can understand how E-signature is, and can be, used in your business
  • We’ll document out how your workflows can integrate with your broader business IT systems, teams, projects and hierarchy.

Get more from the Sign Core Functionality

  • Get more benefits from automated signing quickly by using the core feature set of Adobe Sign. We’ll provide an overview of where your business can take advantage of some of the key product functionality.
  • We’ll show you how to personalise the signing journeys to improve customer experience in the signing process.
  • Increase the complexity. We’ll show you how to expand the use of e-signature in more complex workflows.

Integrate with your business systems

  • We’ll show you how you can integrate with existing business systems to create a well architected, robust approach to expanding e-signature across your business.
  • We’ll provide you with a technical roadmap and program of activity to extend the use of Sign.
  • We’ll give you an overview of the opportunities to further your digital ambitions by cultural and organisational change.
  • Where appropriate we’ll provide you with an effort and cost estimate to provide some additional integrations into your business systems.


We’ll leave you with a well thought out plan on how to integrate Sign more fully with your business. What processes you need to change, what the opportunity is for automation, how to implement the changes, how to integrate into your existing systems and websites. We’ll give you a roadmap of how to proceed and even come back a month later to help you manage the implementation.


To find our more about how digital and electronic signature could help in your business contact us today…