AEM Forms & Sign Package

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Adobe Forms and Sign are both amazing products. Put them together to create end to end digital customer journeys. Bring together responsive, personalised forms with the ability to seamlessly distribute documents for signing and correspond back to customers. Regardless of your digital maturity, Apto’s Forms & Sign quickstart integration packs will help you improve end user experience and improve your efficiency.

Stage 1 : Modernise your document based processes

  • Create up to five modern and responsive online forms from your current paper or PDF forms to improve the process from the point it starts

  • Create up to five corresponding dynamic, high fidelity documents for the customer to sign

  • Setup a simple Sign workflow to manage Signing and deliver signed documents back to you

  • Everyone can participate using any device at any stage

Stage 2 : Improve Automation of your Business Processes

  • Add AEM Workflow to efficiently manage the processing of documents across teams and departments

  • The same forms and documents can be re-used within your own business process

  • Have visibility of the number of in-progress applications and the workload at each stage of the process

Stage 3 : Integrate your documents with you Business Processes

  • Automatically create online forms pre-populated with existing data from your business systems – no need to re-enter it all

  • Create dynamic, individually personalised documents on demand

  • Manage the generated documents and the transaction data in your own system

  • Easily send documents for Archive either directly from Sign or use AEM Forms to integrate with your archiving system

Mix, Match & Progress.

Our packs are designed to work together, enabling you to progress your digital journey quickly and easily. Start with one, then add the next, whenever suits you, until you get the desired outcome.

Each pack will leave you with a working solution and multiple steps forward on your digital map. We’ll even follow up with you a month later to make sure that everything is working as you anticipated. All work is documented and handed over so that you remain in control – unless you’d also like to talk to us about supporting your ongoing needs

To find out more about how Forms & Sign can work together, or to arrange a demo, contact us via the form below.