Onboarding AEM Sites to Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

There are numerous benefits to running Adobe AEM as a Cloud service. Scale and security are often cited along with speed and less disruption from maintenance. For global firms there is the added benefit it provides from a more seamless experience across geographically distanced teams.

We are now seeing many firms take the leap to migrate their Adobe AEM Sites from an on-site solution to the Cloud. However, the process of migration can be complex, often firms needs expert help to achieve this goal.  Our Cloud service pack is specifically designed to address this problem. Within this pack we will provide you with a detailed understanding of the migration journey, the steps you’ll need to take and a comprehensive plan to transfer your Adobe Sites into Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud service.


Depending on how detailed you wish to go the Cloud ready package takes between 3-10 days.  During which we will get under the skin of your current Sites environment, review your overall AEM Sites deployment assessing the methods used to develop and deploy updates and the understand the back-end architecture. Using this information we will create a bespoke migration plan for you which will address the following:

  • Experience Manager as a Cloud Overview. Giving you the knowledge and understanding of how AEM Sites will work once it is migrated to the Cloud.

  • Core Concepts. This will outline the major changes and new features you can expect to see once you have migrated and how these may effect how you use AEM Sites moving forward.

  • 3 Point Transition Plan. This is a plan for your IT and Technology teams. It will outline the changes that will be needed to successfully migrate to the Cloud Service.

  • Planning. For any successful migration planning is key. Our plan will detail the steps that you will need to carry out to make sure your AEM Sites migrates from an on-site solution to the cloud. This will be a thorough and detailed section.

  • Execution. A step by step list designed for your IT and Technology teams. We will make sure your teams understand what actions need to be taken and provide advice and guidance where needed.

  • Post Go-Live. There should always be checks made to ensure the migration has been implemented correctly and everything is working as it should. We will outline the checks your IT and technology teams will need to carry out post go-live.

  • Assess Cloud Service Readiness. Each firm’s Cloud set-up is different. During our investigations we will review your firm’s current Cloud service and recommend changes or updates that may be needed to migrate your AEM Sites to your Cloud solution.

  • Content Transfer, Code Refactoring Outline. For as seamless a transfer as possible you will want all your existing content transferred to the Cloud and mapped correctly, easing the transition between the two solutions. This will be accompanied with any coding that your developers have produced being updated to work with AEM Sites as a Cloud service without impact to the user experience.

  • Best Practices. As an Adobe Specialisation Partner, we work closely with Adobe to understand the best practices of AEM Sites as a Cloud Service. We will share these with you to guarantee optimum use of AEM Sites.

  • Final Report. Summarising the changes and approach. This will be bespoke to your firm.


Once we have carried out our assessment and produced our report you will understand how to move forward. You’ll be provided with a way forward, for both budgeting and resourcing including:

  • A method for detailed planning
  • A method and approach for the execution
  • Specific recommended areas to address
  • Suggested approaches with augmentation options from Apto

This package is designed to give you the awareness, confidence and understanding to transition into the Adobe Experience Cloud as a service.