Make sure your AEM deployment is future ready

Our optimisation and health check service pack is designed to make sure your AEM set-up is stable, robust and ready for future activity. This could be system upgrades or preparing to move to AEM as a cloud service.

This pack has been designed for businesses wanting to improve the performance of AEM Sites today, while preparing the behind the scenes architecture for greater or different use cases in the future. With this pack we will provide your IT and Support teams with the interventions necessary to deliver maximum performance and value from your AEM Sites deployment.


This all depends on the scale and complexity of your AEM sites deployment. Working alongside your IT teams, our optimisation and health check service pack will normally be delivered between 3-10 days. During this time we will discover the detail of your current environment, review your overall AEM Sites deployment, develop and deploy methods, architecture and present recommendations.

This package will take a detailed look at:

  • Your AEM Architecture. We will review how AEM is currently working on your systems and what changes need to be made to prepare it for future upgrades, any changes to system requirements and cloud migration.


  • Deployment & Maintenance. We need to understand how AEM Sites is deployed in your business and the regularity of the system’s maintenance to present recommendations for improvements.

  • Upgrade Readiness. Approximately every year Adobe introduces a new version of AEM with new features. If you’re on an old version there will be a number of steps that you will need to take before you can upgrade to the latest version. We will review where you are currently and outline the vital steps to upgrade.

  • Repository Review. As it suggests, we will review the amount and use of all your assets on AEM Sites. This will include such items as images, videos, components, fragments – everything that forms part of your AEM Sites software and look at how this could be improved for better system performance.

  • Best Practices. We will look at what best practices are not being employed and help you introduce these to get more out of AEM Sites.

  • Integrations. What other systems are feeding into AEM and how these are talking to each other will impact the AEM’s performance and outputs. We will carry out a thorough check of system integrations to make sure they are working optimally so you’re getting what you need from AEM Sites.

  • Performance & Scalability. We will make sure your AEM Sites is performing optimally and can support your business objectives and needs, both now and in the future based on the anticipated requirements you have for AEM Sites.

  • Final Report. Listing recommendations and system improvement options that you can deploy to get more out of AEM. This will be tailored to meet your demands of AEM and be completely bespoke to you and your business.



At the end of the package you’ll be provided with a detailed report, suitable for technology managers and summarised for senior technology leaders, detailing

  • the current state of your AEM Sites,
  • our expert recommendations for optimising AEM, linked to your future objectives, and with supporting rationale,
  • a detailed description of the initiatives that can be undertaken to execute our recommendations.

The package can be tailored to fit the detail you require to understand where you are with your AEM Sites deployment.