Make sure your AEM deployment is up to date.

Apto Solutions offer an AEM Sites modernisation package for established AEM users.

The package is designed to offer advice on the new features that have been introduced from your current version to the latest and what aspects you should and could adopt to get the most out of AEM Sites. Approximately every year Adobe introduce a new version of AEM Sites with some key feature updates to make sure the software remains competitive and meets the demands of the modern digital world. The feature updates can be described as must haves, such as security improvements and system capabilities, to nice to haves, such as new tools and interface changes to improve system usability.

To upgrade from your current version to the latest version a number of steps will need to be implemented. These will ensure the back-end system architecture is stable and robust to support the updates between each version.

The package leaves you with the reasons, functionality and benefits you can enjoy by upgrading. We have optional add-on packs that offer varying degrees of assistance to implement the suggestions.

What to Expect

Depending on the scale and complexity of your AEM Sites, this package takes place over 3-8 days working with your IT and technical support teams.  During this time we will uncover your current environment, review your configuration and Sites usage. This will allow us to produce a bespoke report tailored to your individual needs and recommendations based on your current Sites set-up.

As part of this service pack we will take a look at both the front-end usability of AEM Sites as well as the behind the scenes operation, including a review of:

  • CMS Functionality. Are you taking advantage of AEM’s latest CMS features, making it easier for you to manage the site and its individual components? We’ve gone into more detail about the changes Adobe have introduced here.

  • Template & Component Development. We will analyse what upgrades you need to make to introduce AEM Sites editable and dynamic template functionality and the changes to Adobe’s core components. We cover this in our blog about the benefits of upgrading <insert link>.

  • JSP, Slightly (HTL) Review. Are your pages doing what you’ve asked them to do? What changes are needed to make sure your page rendering is functioning fully and reducing your need for IT intervention.

  • Security Review.  Adobe has introduced a number of security updates and with each new version this gets better. We will review what changes you need implement to improve the security of your websites for you and your customers.

  • Persistance & Storage. What asset storage system are you using and is this meeting your needs? There are a number of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems available, we will review which one is more aligned to your business needs.

  • API’s & Integrations. We will review access to your external services and look at whether these can be made more efficient and secure.

  • HealthChecks. How are you storing such elements as your AEM Sites content and components? We will analyse your current set-up against what you need to deliver as a business to offer best practice advice on how to make sure everything is working as it should be.

  • OSGI Review. As Adobe experts we work closely with Adobe to understand how to get the best out of the system and their best practice methods. We will check that your services are organised to Adobe’s best practice standards so you’re getting optimal performance.

  • Final Report & Recommendations. Listing recommendations and system improvement options that you can deploy to get more out of AEM. This will be tailored to meet your demands of AEM and be completely bespoke to you and your business.


Once we have completed our review, we will provide you with a detailed report that shall provide you with peace-of-mind that you have a way forward with AEM Sites and future work confidence that covers

  • the current state of your AEM Sites,
  • our expert recommendations for optimising AEM, linked to your future objectives,
  • a detailed description of the initiatives that can be undertaken to execute our recommendations,
  • a prioritisation of tasks

The package can be tailored to your needs and requirements outlining where you are with your AEM Sites deployment. We can also deviate some areas e.g. single page application, or headless CMS, if you wish to pursue this further.