Onboarding AEM Forms to Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

You are convinced of letting adobe run experience manager for you and the benefits this affords.  But how do you get from your complex Forms implementation to onboarding into the cloud.  Is there a silver bullet tool ? no, but apto offer a specifically designed service package that will ensure you understand the journey, steps, and provide a plan to do get your Forms implementation into Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.  AEM Forms is available currently only as Adobe Managed Service (AMS) but Experience Manager as a Cloud Service for forms is due H2 2020.  apto have experience both of AMS for forms and Experience Manager as a cloud service for Sites (available now).  Therefore apto can prepare your AEM Forms implementation now, rather than wait for the rush and by ill prepared.

Depending on how detailed you wish to go the cloud ready package is between 3-10 days, during which we will discover the detail of your current environment, review your overall AEM Forms deployment, develop and deploy methods, architecture and map out a migration plan for you covering:

  • Experience Manager as a Cloud Overview

  • Core Concepts

  • 3 Point Transition Plan

  • Planning

  • Execution

  • Post Go-Live

  • Assess Cloud Service Readiness

  • Content Transfer, Code Refactoring Outline

  • Best Practices

  • Final Report


At the end of the package you’ll be provided with a way forward, for both budgeting and resourcing including

  • A method for detailed planning
  • A method and approach for the execution
  • Specific recommend areas to address
  • Suggested approaches with augmentation options from apto

This package is designed to give you the awareness, confidence and understanding to transition into the adobe experience cloud as a service.