Make sure your AEM deployment is ready for whatever you throw at it.

We offer an optimisation and health check work package to ensure your deployment is stable, robust and ready to handle future activity perhaps upgrades or migration to cloud. If you believe your AEM Forms performance needs to be improved, or if you want to prepare AEM Forms for greater or different use cases in the future.  This package will ensure you understand the interventions necessary for your AEM Forms deployment to deliver maximum performance and value.

Depending on the scale and complexity of your AEM Sites deployment this package takes place over 3-10 days, during which we will discover the detail of your current environment, review your overall AEM Forms deployment, develop and deploy methods, architecture and present recommendations. During the package we’ll take a detailed look at:

  • Architecture Review – Review the AEM Forms deployment and configuration

  • Deployment & Maintenance – Review build and deploy methods

  • Upgrade Readiness – Review your AEM version, code, template and component construction, highlighting potential flags to address

  • Repository Review – Review your component, fragment and template construction, storage and custom code

  • Best Practices – Review and workshop some good practice methods to improve overall performance, maintainability and ownership

  • Integrations – Review all integration points for improvement, and security

  • Performance & Scalability – Is your config, deployment, authoring and dispatcher optimal?

  • Final Report – Gives you the summation of all the findings in a comprehensive workshop presented report.


At the end of the package you’ll be provided with a detailed report, suitable for technology managers and summarised for senior technology leaders, detailing

  • the current state of your AEM Forms,
  • our expert recommendations for optimising AEM, linked to your future objectives, and with supporting rationale,
  • a detailed description of the initiatives that can be undertaken to execute our recommendations.

The package can be tailored to fit the detail you require to understand where you are with your AEM Forms deployment.