Onboarding AEM Assets to Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

You are convinced of letting adobe run experience manager for you and the benefits this affords.  But how do you get from your complex Assets ( & possibly Sites) implementation to onboarding into the cloud.  Is there a silver bullet tool ? no, but apto offer a specifically designed service package that will ensure you understand the journey, steps, and provide a plan to do get your Sites implementation into Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

Depending on how detailed you wish to go the cloud ready package is between 5-10 days, during which we AEM Assets deployment, develop and deploy methods, architecture and map out a migration plan for you covering:

  • Experience Manager as a Cloud Overview

  • Core Concepts

  • 3 Point Transition Plan

  • Planning

  • Execution

  • Post Go-Live

  • Assess Cloud Service Readiness

  • Content Transfer, Code Refactoring Outline

  • Best Practices

  • Final Report


At the end of the package you’ll be provided with a a way forward, for both budgeting and resourcing including

  • A method for detailed planning
  • A method and approach for the execution
  • Specific recommend areas to address
  • Suggested approaches with augmentation options from apto

This package is designed to give you the awareness, confidence and understanding to transition into the adobe experience cloud as a service.