Make sure your AEM deployment is up to date.

apto offer an AEM Assets adoption package.  The package is designed to offer advice on the new features from you version to date, that you should, could and have to adopt for a number of reasons.  The package leaves you with the reasons, functionality and benefits you can enjoy.  Optional add-on packs offer varying degree of assistance to implement the suggestions.

What to Expect

Depending on the scale and complexity of your AEM Assets this package takes place over 3-8 days, during which we will uncover your current environment, review your configuration and Assets usage. During the package we’ll take a detailed look at:

  • Assets Functionality – Are you taking advantage of AEM’s latest Assets features? have you upgraded from Sites Assets or is it completely new DAM to you ?

  • Asset Lifecycle Management Analysis – Working with you to streamline creation, management and storage of Assets

  • Dynamic Media & Video – Delivery and Transformation – Smart Crop & Smart Imaging and how to deliver dynamically

  • Design & Architecture – Good practices, how to secure and scale your repositories

  • Asset Share – how to share, link and integrate with different users

  • API’s & Integrations – Can access to your external services be made more efficient and secure?

  • Cloud – Native & Custom – how to use Asset cloud scalability with you own customisation demands

  • Creative & Marketing Workflows  – how to link, connect and flow work delivering fluidity across your organisation

  • Final Report & Recommendations


At the end of the package you’ll be provided with a detailed report, suitable for peace-of-mind, a way forward, future work confidence that covers

  • the current state of your AEM Assets,
  • our expert recommendations for optimising AEM, linked to your future objectives,
  • a detailed description of the initiatives that can be undertaken to execute our recommendations,
  • a prioritisation of tasks

The package can be tailored to your deployment.  We can also deviate some areas to include other adobe products such as Sites if you wish to pursue this.