About Apto

Apto Solutions has been delivering professional services across a range of enterprise technology products since being founded in 2004. Our goal is to assist organisations in their adoption of threat detection platforms to provide a responsive, secure and measurable oversight of sensitive data and critical processes.


SIEM Experts

We specialise in navigating the complexities of on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments and have earned a reputation in multiple industries by delivering comprehensive, well-designed, scalable SIEM solutions that meet your business and compliance objectives.  We are SIEM Experts.

Our expert team of engineers and consultants work closely with all parts of your organisation to provide understanding, advice, design improvements and engineering support that improve the usage and reliability of your SIEM.

Our Values

These inform everything we do to bring benefits to our clients and employees.




  • Services that span the lifecycle of your data journey and meet where your business is right now and where it would like to go in the future.
  • Over 10+ years of industry experience covering SIEM, Cloud Transformation, SOAR and ITSI.
  • We listen and understand what you are struggling with and then personalise our onboarding and approach to meet your individual needs.
  • Platform agnostic and we won’t push you down a particular route. We’re focused on helping get more out of the platform you already use rather than suggesting alternatives.
  • We are ISO accredited and our engineers are product-qualified across various platforms. You will have access to the right expert engineers for the problem at hand.
  • We have worked closely with a range of organisations across Finance, Fintech, and Healthcare and can help you meet compliance requirements such ISO, CAF and more.
  • All work is scoped out, documented and managed to ensure predictable, deliverable and measurable outcomes.
  • We are SIEM experts and can assist with your reactive technology issues so you can be proactive and focus on people and processes.
  • We work with all parts of your business, from ITOps to DevOps to ensure that your tools offer full coverage, providing peace of mind and better value.

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