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We are data insight experts, letting you own, manage and oversee your data.  For security, IT Operations, cloud or software applications – you rule your data, not the other way around.

Data Overload

The velocity that data originates at continues to grow exponentially, driving new actions and insight. Data, information, knowledge, action – it’s 24×7 at velocity like never before.

Modern distributed applications cannot be effectively monitored by legacy methods, which are based on handling predictable failures.  As your systems become more complex, you must ensure that you can still gain visibility on — and react in a timely manner to — system failures.

Teams or stakeholders have insight to either some, none but rarely all the data, so you have a data integration flow issue to answer.  No longer is just ‘looking at’ the logs or monitoring an option for keeping your operations and business running.  You need instant insights into the why – metric collation and traces – do they integrate into your applications, libraries and frameworks?


How we do IT

Our Mission

Our aim is to give you a richer picture of your IT environment and security posture and help support evidence-based decision making by IT, cyber, and other stakeholders.

We use robust well established software tools, a proven outcome-based approach and get to work.  We are accountable at every step.  We work with you on an overall roadmap in achieving visibility of organisational data and improved exploitation of information for day-to-day operations. We will help you ask more of your data.  Whether it’s a singular Security focus or all IT and DevOps, we build roadmaps for the growth of your business, creating an infrastructure you can rely upon and control.


  • 100% of our experts are product certified
  • 60 years cumulative expertise in data by our founders
  • 120 satisified customers

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