Digital fusion: accelerating your digital ambitions

Apto help your customers communicate better with your business, minimising delays between their actions and yours. We turn data into the information you need, accelerating your digital ambitions.

Data Strategy, Data Engineering

Every two days we create as much data as we did from the beginning of time until 2003.  And the amount of data we’re creating continues to increase rapidly.

It is accepted that wisdom is built on knowledge, and knowledge is under-pinned by information, and that data is the building block of information. Our role is to work with you, build your digital capability, build your data foundations.

What we do

Agile methodology

Fusion is the name we give to our unique approach that combines our expertise, proven technology, your people, your knowledge, your data providing the answers you need.

How we do it

Integrity and expertise

We specialise in translating data to knowledge, providing our customers an edge, realising your digital ambitions. We know that there are lots of competitors out there, and that our clients always have a choice. It is our clear focus on data strategies and technologies, that sets us apart. We know that the keys to our continuing success over 13 years have been maintaining this with consistency, integrity and expertise.

  • 80% of our experts are product certified
  • 60 years cumulative expertise in data by our founders
  • 50 satisified customers

Why us

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