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We are data insight experts, letting you own, manage and rule your data.  For security, IT Operations, cloud or software applications – you rule your data, not the other way around.

SIEM Approach

If you’re using a tool such as Splunk or Sentinel but are having issues with keeping it responsive and reliable, then we can help. We understand SIEM is more than just a single deployment project; it requires attention, resources and expertise to keep it working in the long term and in a way that adapts to your business.

Apto’s unique approach covers the four key distinct pillars of the SIEM lifecycle; Discovery, Design, Deploy, and Operate. SIEM success involves linking all of these elements together to create a modern, full coverage and cost-effective threat management platform.



Our Mission

Our goal is to assist your organisation in your adoption of a threat detection and management platform, regardless of where you are in the SIEM journey.

Through a range of project and augmentation services, Apto can help provide you with the breathing room you need to understand and get to grips with your data security and bridge the gaps in your security posture.

Expect more from your SIEM

We help customers who already have a platform deployed but feel they are struggling with getting the most out of its deployment and integration. Our expert team of engineers and consultants work closely with all parts of your organisation to provide understanding, advice, design improvements and engineering support that improve the usage and reliability of the tools you already use.

Improved return on investment

Reduced license costs

Smarter, refined and more effective alerting

Improved integration with SOC

Flexible platform that adapts to business changes

Automated key tasks and reports

Ongoing SIEM Maintenance

Full coverage and accountability

Access to expertise to make better decisions

  • 100% of our experts are product certified
  • 60 years cumulative expertise in SIEM
  • 250 satisified customers

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